Participating Artists

Karen Balos, “Out of the Ashes”
Micah Black, “Looking Up”
Michelle Chan, “Ghost Ship Bear”
Millie Chan, untitled
Sarah Chase “It’s Just for Decoration…WooWooh!”
Amaranta Colindres, “Portrait of Travis Hough”
Dan Crowe, “Lake Merritt Looking North”
Joan DiStefano, “Blue Motion” and “Big Mouth”
Amy Eikner, “Storm Power Seascape”
Sara Eileen, “Oakland Love”
Lisa Fulmer, “Flower Power”
Luis Garcia, “Roots Run Deep”
Anne Garvey, “Chokers with Heart”
Janet Gawthrop, “Changing Oakland: Snow Park”
Shelli Geer, “Passionate Spirits”
Shar Guzman, untitled
Victoria Hamlin, “Community 2017”
Chelsea Herman , Cypress I
Reon Jarreau, “Home”
Thomas Jones, “By the River”
Todd Kurnat, “Exploding Heart”
Grant Hao-Wei Lin, untitled
Ting Liu, “Spirits Still Lit”
Ryan Martinez, “My Heart Beats for Oakland”
Alison Moncrieff, “your love, your beauty”
Zeina Morad, “Ruh” (soul)
Aambr Newsome
Lenna Nguyen, “Transient”
Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, “Meet the Neighbors”
Rachel Payne
Aminah Raatib, “Oakland Love”
Silas Reeves, “Morning, Noon and Night”
Abigail Rocha, untitled
Patricia Rodriguez, “Spirits”
Andreana Rosnik, “Calla Lily”
Zona Sage, “Pheonix”
Melanie Sangalang, “Oakland Map”
Sam Sheppard, “Harlequin”
Ruth Petersen Shorer, “Time + Place”
Iqvinder Singh, “The Journey Continues”
Rita Sklar, “Night”
Jan Stamos, “Support System”
GailSteinberg, “Releasing the Genie”
Ari Takata-V asquez, untitled
Joni Marie Theodorsen, “Heavy Skies’
Monica Tiulescu, untitled
Raquelle Turner , untitled
Maria Fatima Urbi, “Pink Frame”
Lauran Weinmann, “Oakland Palette”
Hannah Woebkenberg, “Inside”