We owe our gratitude to the following organizations that have lent their support to realize heArt is Oakland:

We the Artists of the Bay Area (WABA) was formed in response to the Ghost Ship tragedy that occurred December 2, 2016, and has quickly become one of the largest self-organized coalitions of creative professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. WABA is an inclusive organization of artists, tenants, and community activists dedicated to working with city officials to ensure safe, long-term spaces for the creative community in Oakland, the larger Bay Area, and throughout the United States.

Led by third generation owner and operator Howard Flax, the Flax family has been supporting the artist community in the Bay Area and beyond for almost 80 years. Now with a store and its headquarters in downtown Oakland, FLAX are & design takes pride in calling Oakland home.

Oakland-based Oasis Art Design is a consulting and concept directing firm. Their services include curating, design management and structure, and providing creative visual communications that enhance their clients’ abilities to reach goals. The imagined is inevitable with Oasis Art Design.

Led by CEO Kadesh Carter, who is helping to produce and curate this show.

Artists United’s mission is to empower individual artists to create excellent art and to unite all artists to create social change. Their goal is to sign up 20,000 artists as FREE members in 2017. Sign up here.

Artists of every medium, every genre, and every stripe are invited to share and exchange knowledge, access high-powered, collective tools, and embrace new ways of working together. They are based in Oakland, but their network and reach are worldwide.

The venue for this exhibition, Classic Cars West is a 13,000 sq ft boutique vintage car showroom and multi dimensional gallery / art space. They also feature local craft beer on tap and offer a varied and 100% Vegan menu.

New artists are featured monthly as well as large scale installations, sculpture, multimedia and music presentations in an outdoor (beer) garden exhibition area.

Over the past 20 years Kulturehaus has cultivated a massive artisanal network of doers, makers, dreamers and imagineers. They can design, develop, and execute in any type of environment from city centers to the middle of nowhere.

Kulturehaus brings art to the people and people to art.

Led by co-principal Tyler Hanson, who can make anything happen.

Since their beginnings in 2006, Oakland Art Murmur (OAM) has connected thousands of artists in thousands of exhibitions to over 1,000,000 visitors. They focus on promoting the awareness, visibility, understanding, and vibrancy of visual art in our wonderful city of Oakland.

The site of our exhibition, Classic Cars West, has been an OAM venue for a long time.

The Unity Council is a nonprofit anchor organization in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, where the Ghost Ship fire occured. Poverty is a multi-layered problem requiring many diverse solutions, which is why they offer over a dozen program lines from affordable housing, to education, to job readiness, to arts and culture preservation, to help communities lift themselves out of poverty. They believe everyone deserves self-sufficiency and advancement, no matter their language, background, or neighborhood, and that art and cultural identity are tools to combat displacement.